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An exquisite place to relax and be healthy.


Great small privet place to get away!

Clean and a warm place to stay Read moreAdrianna

We had a great stay at the breakwater inn.

Condo was super clean and nice Read moreHayden

We enjoyed our stay

It was peaceful and proximity to beach was fine Read moreSally

Great space beach side

Had a great beach day Read moreEmma

Nice and Relaxing Once We Found It.

Great place, really enjoyed our stay.


Was a really cute place....well decorated.:) Read moreDeborah

A wonderful place

Plenty to do as well! Its quiet and so cool hearing the frogs at night! Read moreOlivia

Wonderful stay!


Great spot/value.

VERY clean and everything seemed brand new Read moreKasia

Would definitely stay here again! Thanks so much!


Nice little room

It was very clean and well appointed Read moreA

The place was beautiful

The beds were comfortable and clean as was the whole cottage Read moreBlaine

Place is clean and well-maintained,

It’s also very quiet and beautiful around. Read moreElena

A great budget & pet friendly place to stay

I spent a quiet 3 nights it was lovely! Read moreJenn



Great place!



Peaceful little inn! Read moreElizabeth

Great, quiet location!

Condo was absolutely perfect!! Read moreAshley


A small, cute motel vibe. Read moreSuhasini

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