Grayland, Westport & Tokeland Beaches

Most people have never seen a stretch of beaches like ours, where the light gray sands are wide and flat and glistening from the breakwater of the Westport Washington Jetty 18 miles south to the breakwater of the native village of Tokeland, with the enclave of Grayland sitting dead center in the middle of it all.

There many inns, resorts and vacation rentals along the long sand beach, but Breakwater Inn is one-of-a-kind. Low-key and settled right into the dunes with our own ponds and wildlife. Nature vegetation and a sustainable future.

Our land actually abuts the beaches making it easy to stroll to and from the mighty Pacific. A great place to sit as the sun comes up and to watch it disappear below the horizon at days. End. With luck you may even see the proverbial "green flash" as the gold light slips into the ocean.

Breakwater Inn offers quaint cottages slightly elevated for an even larger territorial view, yet still just a few minutes walk to the sand. We offer great rates, high-quality housekeeping and the opportunity to explore the great coast of Washington. Come for a few days, a few weeks or longer.

In the spring, the fishing explorations begin! The summer brings sunshine, flowers and a huge variety of activities, including clamming, hiking, bike rides and a tour of the local winery.

Visit during the fall and winter, too. The views are just as spectacular. The fishing village of Westport is just a short drive away, where you can explore shops and restaurants! Grayland is laced with cranberry bogs (fields) and home to the Cranberry Museum.

To the South you'll find the historic village of Tokeland, home to the Shoalwater Indian tribe and a fun family casino..And here at Breakwater Inn we are in the middle of it all. A perfect place to explore the South Beaches off Washington state.

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