About Breakwater Inn

Breakwater Inn & Cottages is a privately owned and newly renovated resort on the Coast of Washington State. First built years ago, prior owners undertook extensive work on the property. Now the new ownership group has made additional upgrades to make Breakwater one of the top spots to stay and enjoy the might Pacific Ocean.

Our great location and excellent customer service ensure you a comfortable and relaxing stay. The five-star guest reviews that we receive (from independent websites) set us apart from other lodging in the area.

Our Inn has 9 quality condos which are an easy walk to the sand and water. Our 5 cottages are located on a slight rise with especially good views. They too are good quality, clean and always comfortable.

On the beach you can watch the waves, the migrating bird flocks, fishing and crabbing boats just off shore. Don't just rent a room anywhere else - come home Breakwater for your home away from home!

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